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    how to use Seam to write to h:messages if fails in ApplyRequestPhase

    Dean Hiller Expert

      So, I was using immediate=true along with valueChangeListener to apply changes in Apply Request Values phase of JSF lifecycle(we have a pulldown that changes the xhtml page but needs to refill in all of the data on the new page).  When I do that however, Seam stops calling the action...

      <action if="#{validation.failed}" execute="#{globalMethods.invalid()}"/>

      Since this method is not called, h:messages does not contain the Your form is incorrect, please check below for errors message.  How do I do this?  How do I make sure that even though I do stuff in apply request values phase that the validator.failed can still be set to true(SINCE IT DID FAIL).

      I am thinking I may just try to work around the problem, take all the immediate=true away and then take off all the Hibernate validators and then in my save method do validation.  My pulldownClicked method would then be able to skip the validation done in the save method.  This is the only work around I can think of but I hate to lose the ability to use the hibernate validator framework...seam made this nice except for this corner case situation I think.  Any ideas?