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    Client side validation and a Reading List for Seam

    Code Boy Newbie

      Hey All,
        I am evaluating Seam for an upcoming project and I am impressed with the framework and the extensive documentation. I have a couple of quick questions that I am hoping someone can answer easily -

      1. While reading through the Tapestry 5 tutorial, I liked the client side validation that is built into Tapestry 5 via Prototype/Scriptaclous. So you write all your validations in Java and Tapestry 5 automatically converts that validation into client side JavaScript code. Is there anything comparable in Seam?

      2. I have almost decided to use Seam, and is there a reading list listed somewhere that I could start with? I am looking for a list like this - EJB, JSF, JSP, Facelets, etc...

      Any help is appreciated.