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    No need to repeat model mapping on the repeated run of tests in microcontainer - how can I do this?

    Vitaly Masterov Newbie

      Often there is a case when only one application functionality needs to be tested. For this we run a test suite containing only several of the whole suite of test classes.
      When this is done on a complex application with a large data model (about 100 entities), the mapping will take too much time, if the test is run in embedded jboss microcontainer. Each time I run a small test I have to wait for the mapping to complete.
      Let's assume that I already checked the model mapping for correctness and model testing is not required just now. I am creating a test which uses FacesRequest to get data from the database. Still I need the model to be mapped to the microcontainer (or container).
      Are there any testing methods which allow to avoid model mapping (i.e. not to redeploy) each time I run a suite of tests after the model has been already mapped to the microcontainer (or container)?
      The model is provided in a separate jar file.