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    Restrict annotation has no effect when using @EJB

    Greg Rochon Newbie

      Hello, I am having an issue with Seam security.  When I inject an EJB3 Seam component via the @In annotation, the bijection and my @Restrict annotations work as expected.  However, when I inject the same bean via the the @EJB annotation, bijection works, but my @Restrict annotations have no effect.  Is this the expected behavior?

      My end goal is to call the EJB Seam component from a remote client app and I want to use Seam's security for authorization permissions.  I've already created custom IdentityStore and Identity components to handle the Seam to Container security cooperation and if I use an explicit identity.checkPermission() within my code it works fine.

      I am running on Seam 2.1.0.SP1 and JBoss AS 5.0.0.CR2 (I also got the same results with 4.2.2.GA).