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    Component name prefixes: default? and plugin support

    Patrick Wright Newbie


      1) We're starting to use Seam 2.1 GA, and thinking about organizing our components by using a prefix and importing the prefix in components.xml. From the Seam documentation, it looks like component names which include prefixes must have the prefix added to each individual component. Is it possible to declare a default prefix (similar to a namespace) for all components, say, in a package?

      2) Eclipse plugin: In testing use of prefixes, we created a component with a prefix and imported the prefix in components.xml. When editing a facelet within Eclipse, it recognized an EL expression with the prefix, but not an EL expression without the prefix.

      public class User....

      in components.xml

      in facelet
      #{auth.user} is recognized but
      #{user} is marked as invalid by the Eclipse Seam plugin.