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    Rendering page incorrectly after rending email

    Wayne Bagguley Newbie

      I'm in the stages of implementing registration using IdentityManager. I created the registration of a new user with no problems but when I came to adding a listener to send an email, the rendering of the response page went awry.

          public void sendNewRegEmail(User userIn) {
               Renderer renderer = Renderer.instance();
               log.info("User : #{userIn.id}");
               // Create new key
               ValidationCode code = new ValidationCode();
               try {
                      log.info("Email Sent");
                  } catch (Exception e) {
                      log.info("Email sending failed");
               log.info("End of RegistrationListener");

      Instead of the next page being rendered as the response page (as before the email code was added), I get the current page but it's messed up, with bits in the wrong place and links with the wrong URLs.