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    Conversations and component's instances

    Charls Cross Newbie

      I have a multiwindow app, with a List. This list can be accesed in the main window (starting a conversation), or can be opened in a popup window (starting a nested conversation). If I open first the main window, I create an instance of the component (conversation bean)that manages the list. But if then I open the popup window, no other component's instance is created, so I have 2 conversations that share the same component instance.

      If I open first the popup list, a new component instance is created, and if then I open the main window list, another component instance is created, so I have two conversations and two component instance's, I think this should be the right behavior, because each conversation manages is own bean with is own values.

      So, what can I do to get different instances without opening first the popup list??
      Is my idea of having different component instances for each conversation a crazy one??