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    Double Click Prevention

    Jim R Newbie

      Are there mechanisms for double click prevention in Seam or RichFaces? There're some server side solutions for JSF (for example http://jroller.com/page/mert?entry=jsf_preventing_double_form_submit) and Shale seems to have a Token mechanism built-in, but it seems to be a common enough function that should be handled by framework.

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          Chris Simons Expert

          Is this a problem related to clicking a commandLink twice and having conversations go haywire because of it?  If so, I'm interested in some responses to this as well.

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            Drew Kutchar Newbie

            You can disable the button/link after clicking on it. I know this is not 100% foolproof but it should do the trick.

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              Scott Olcott Newbie

              If you are using RichFaces you could add the following to your page.

              <rich:jQuery selector="form" query="submit(function(){disableButtons();disableSubmits(this);})" timing="onload"/>
                    <rich:jQuery name="disableButtons" selector=":button" query="attr('disabled','disabled');" timing="onJScall" />
                    <rich:jQuery name="disableSubmits" selector=":submit" query="attr('disabled','disabled');" timing="onJScall" />

              This will disable all buttons on the page when the form is submitted.

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                Marco Rossi Newbie

                It's strange that Seam doesn't support a native solution for the double click problem.

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                  Arbi Sookazian Master

                  If you use a4j:commandButton and a4j:commandLink instead of the h: equivalents, you can use this that I got from Max Katz's Practical RF book:

                  <rich:modalPanel id="mpWait" 
                                      <h:outputText value="Please wait..."
                                      <rich:spacer height="20"/>
                                      <h:graphicImage value="/img/spinner.gif"/>
                       <a4j:status id="actionStatus"

                  add this to each of your facelets by doing this:

                  <ui:include src="/pleaseWaitModalPanel.xhtml"/>

                  It will work for a4j:support submissions, like when an action is fired when the user selects a different value in HtmlSelectOneMenu, for example.

                  This works very well and is an elegant solution that is used by many prominent external-facing web sites.  Our users like it a lot...

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                    Bob Mauranne Newbie

                    i use rich:componentControl :

                    <h:commandLink id="id" action="#{action}">
                         <r:componentControl for="popup" operation="show" event="onclick" />
                         <r:componentControl for="popup" operation="hide" event="oncomplete" />

                    <r:modalPanel id="popup">
                         //msg or img