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    Session gets destroyed directly after request

    Kristoffer T Newbie

      New post regarding the same problem that is found in my previous post.
      The problem with a new session being created after a request ends results in many errors, which in turn manifest themselfes as very odd behaviour and more derived errors.
      One error that is seen all the time is the jsf-bug that current trunk should have solved. This could be that the jsf-tree
      also is thrown out, since the session is new.
      Filters and interceptors in our code confirm that the session for real is renewed. With a new http-session-id, and logs that show that seam initiates a new session.
      The most obvious error is of course the one mentioned in the first posting, where all values set in our session-bound components gets lost, and in turn the application
      behaves totally wrong.
      Today I found this jira that shows
      an error that could explain the error. All our errors occur before the user has logged in.
      Please respond to this posting, so that we at least know that you are reading the forum posts at all.