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    Conversations and rich:menuItem

    Charls Cross Newbie

      I have this menuItem

      <rich:menuItem value="Mantenimiento" id="menuMantenimiento"
           rendered="#{img.element.elementtype!=3 and img.mnt==0}"
           onselect="javascript:if(!confirm(Are you sure?'))return false;">

      And the action method:

      public void mantenimiento(Long hostId){
                     Hosts host=(Hosts) entityManager.createQuery("from Hosts h where h.hostid="+hostId+"").getSingleResult();
                }catch(Exception e){
                     FacesMessages.instance().add("Error: "+e);
                     log.error("mantenimiento - Error: "+e);

      When I call the action method, the conversationId is lost from the url. What should I do to keep the cid alive??