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    generate JSP files insted of XHTML file in Seam project

    IT Master Newbie

      Hello All:

      This is my first post in this forum i hope to find my answer.

      I want to create new seam web project in JBOss studio Version: 1.1.0 and i did.

      But i want to configure it to generate .jsp files instead of .xhtml files.

      Because when i run the seam project i got XHTML files like home.xhtml, login.xhtml,...etc and what i want is to generate these files with .jsp extention so they'll be like home.jsp, login.jsp,...etc

      Abviously, the whole purpose of this is to create a seam project in JBoss studio that depends on jsp pages.

      Please Help me.

      Thank you in advance for your help.

      Best Regards.