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    SEAM upgrade causes flickering images

    Tim Evers Master

      This issue only effects IE6
      I'm using:

      • richfaces 3.2.2

      • jsf 1.2.04_p02

      • facelets 1.1.13

      OK, I've just tried to upgrade my SEAM version from 2.0.1.CR1 to 2.1.0.GA and I'm experiencing a rather unusual side effect.

      On all images in the application they flicker on load. So if I have a mouse over event on a button to change background immages my button will flicker on mouse over and mouse out. This is entirly a simptom of upgrading SEAM. I reproduce the problem every time by just switching to the new version of SEAM.

      I have researched the IE flicker bug, but all workarounds do not work. Has SEAM put any form of javascript in that deals with caching? Or preloading of images or anything that could possibly cause this behaviour?

      Has anyone else experience this issue?