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    cache issue in dashboard

    bala k Newbie
      Hi I am getting problem in dashboard caching issue. After insert some data in a form page and save them.i come to dashboard page,the data was not included because i set as a session scope.It updates only after sign out and sign in.

      When i change to page scope, its work fine. I want the data to cache in dashboard after insert new data,without changing the session scope.

      This is code actually i am getting problem. can give solution for this code.

      public class Dashboard
      @In private User user;
          @In private DashboardDAO dashboardDAO;
      private obeject[]companyStats;
         public void getDashboardReports() throws DatabaseException a\
      long companyId '=' user.getCompanyId();
      companyStats '=' dashboardDAO.getCompanyStats(companyId);