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    Dead lock Isses when running Seam Application on two parallel servers

    srini g Newbie

      Hi All,

      I need the support from Jboss Seam. We have developed an application Using Seam application. The Application is developed using JSF rich faces, Seam Application Framework 2.0.2 and on Jboss 4.2.

      The application is deployed in Non -J2EE
      Clustred environment. We have two servers at the client place where application is beaning deployed into to servers mapping to the single database instance.

      Issue: When we are getting requests from multiple users from different servers, we are getting dead lock at Database level.( Same instance)

      Jboss Server one is mapped to Database in MSSQL Server 2005  TravelDB and

      Jboss Server two is also mapped to Same Instance of MSSQL 2005 TravelDB

      Now when we are running application, we are getting dead loack issues.

      How to avoid this senario.

      Help me in reach me asap 998976400.

      Seam with JSF, ManagedBeans, EJBS , DAOs