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    2.0 to 2.1 Upgrade Issue

    atait Newbie

      We recently upgraded to 2.1 from 2.0.  We have been using FacesMessage.addToControl(id, FacesMessage) to propagate messages across redirects in our application.  Subsequently, during the redirected request's processing, we are calling facesContext.getClientIdsWithMessages() to retrieve and further process with the messages that were added with addToControl(,) above. 

      The method: FacesMessage.addToControl(id, FacesMessage) is not longer available in the 2.1 API.  It was not deprecated but removed.  The Javadocs indicate that using StatusMessages.addToControl() will replace the behavior of the remaining addToControl method that remains in the API (but is deprecated).

      I have found that StatusMessages.addToControl() does not behave the same as the FacesMessages.addToControl(id, FacesMessage) method we have been using (and is no longer available).  When accessing the messages during redirected request processing, the messages are available but are not associated with a client id as they had been.  Therefore calling: facesContext.getClientIdsWithMessages() now returns null

      Has Seam removed the ability to associate messages with a client id and propagate them across redirects?