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    Components.xml not isolated between wars in ear in Seam 2.1.0

    Susanne Jarl Newbie

      When upgrading to Seam 2.1.0.SP1 from 2.0.2.GA Seam now seems to mix components.xml files between different wars deployed in an ear.

      I have an ear, with multiple wars. If I put the code

      <security:identity authenticate-method"=#{authenticator.authenticate}" />

      in one of the components.xml that has login functionality, and the other components.xml in the other war has no such field in its components.xml I get the following error message:

      ERROR [SeamLoginModule] No authentication method defined - please define authenticate-method for <security:identity/> in components.xml

      If I then put the above security:identity code in this war's components.xml too (although this war does not have login functionality) then the other war's login works.

      If I have yet another war with login functionality but another authenticate bean and method name. Then the first war module runs the other's authenticate method which then of course fails.

      This worked perfectly in Seam 2.0.2. GA and I have  not changed anything else.

      Is this a bug or do I have to make some configurations? Why can not Seam keep the components.xml in each war isolated?