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    loginSuccessful observer - where should it be located?

    Chris Simons Expert


      I have the following @Observer method:

       /** the logged in user **/
          User currentUser;
          public void updateUserStats()
               Integer logins;
               currentUser.setLastLoginDate(new Date());
               logins = currentUser.getLoginCount() + 1;

      I have tried having this in my AuthenticatorAction component itself - this failed; Seam said the scope of the bean calling this action must be in Session scope.  So, I then tried putting it into a Session scoped, Stateful bean, and now I'm getting an NPE.

      Does anyone have any advice?  The example in Chapter 15 seems so simple yet I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to work.  I'm running Seam 2.1.SP1, by the way.

      Thank you.