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    TestNG and jBPM-JobExecutorLauncher

    Mike Schulze Newbie


      myQuestion is, whether any of you has some experience with testing jBPM-Processes with Seam and TestNG. My Problem is, that I don't know how to start the JobExecutorLauncher within my test-environment. In my Development-Environment it works quite nice, but I'd rather verify my Businessprocess with some test-cases.

      I am using Seam (2.1) in Eclipse (3.3) with JBoss-Tools. Therfor I'm having an extra Test-Project in my eclipse. So far I can test anything concerning business-processes except the functionality of nodes with timers. Does anybody know how I have to start the JobExecutorLauncher in my embedded JBoss? Or am I doing something wrong.

      Thx - Mike