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    disabling ajax4jsf filter for seam resources?

    Marcus Popetz Newbie

      Am thinking I should submit this as a feature request to the jira, but wanted to put it out for discussion in case I was wrong on some counts first.

      I ran into a problem trying to stream content from a seam resource with a content-disposition header set to attachment to force a download.  The ajax4jsf filter was stopping the headers from being written out to the client until I was finished processing/streaming my data.

      The end result of this was the save-as dialog box not opening for quite some time in larger file cases and I'm not entirely confident that the ajax4jsf filter wasn't buffering all my content internally somehow.

      I worker around this by using our own filter and overriding
           public boolean isMappedToCurrentRequestPath(ServletRequest request) {
      and checking that the path didn't begin with /seam/resource before returning super.isMappedToCurrentRequestPath()

      It'd be nice if, by default, the ajax4jsf filter was disabled for seam resources somehow since I can't imagine a case where you'd want it to be used.