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    Sverker Abrahamsson Newbie

      I'm having a problem with s:graphicImage. It is being used in a portlet with ICEFaces bridge in Liferay portal. That might have something to do with it but let me describe the problem:

      I see that the tag do read the InputStream that I provide and store the image data in the storage, GraphicImageStorage or something like that. This is a component which is stored in session scope, I see that it's the same instance that is being used every time it puts the data.

      However, when it is trying to fetch the data it is getting another instance from session scope, hence the storage is empty. It is always the same instance for all the fetches in one request (I have several s:graphicImage on the page) but is not the same instance as used for putting the information in.

      It don't seam that the issue is that the session has been lost, as other session scoped objects are kept. The ServletSessionFacade instance is the same.

      What to look at next?

      Btw, I saw another issue. If I set fileName with a leading / then that is included in the key when putting the image to the map, but when retreiving it has been stripped.