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    EL in comments is executed

    Dennis Bohnstedt Hansen Newbie


      I apologise in advance, if this question has allready been discussed. I did my best to find it in the forum and Jira before posting, but for EL and comment seem to be fairly common words ;-)

      I recognize that EL in comments is evaluated, if the web.xml is not edited, but i was rather surprised to find that it was actually executed.

      I had a commented section in my page that contained an commandButton. The section was a modalPanel that was'nt used anymore and had been left uncommented for quite a while without any mishaps, but when i commented the section out in my xhtml page, the action EL-expression of the commandButton sudently started beeing executed when the page was loaded.

      Wether it's a SEAM bug or something else i don't know, but please tell me it's not the wanted behaviour... ;-)


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          Pawel Wrzeszcz Novice

          Dennis, see Facelets docs regarding the facelets.SKIP_COMMENTS parameter:

          A boolean value that tells the compiler to skip comments (default is true). Even if you comment out code in your page, the tags will not be compiled but expressions (EL) will be treated as if they were inlined-- still compiled and evaluated for output in the document. Skipping comments will remove all comments completely from the document.

          (2.2.1. Initialization Parameters)