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    jBPM - SEAM long running conversation

    Hugo Wurzelbutz Newbie


      i'm new to SEAM and jBPM and trying to build my first application.
      I defined a business process with plenty of taks. After starting the process and assigning some tasks to the currently logged on user i want to start them.

      When i start a task and afterwards end it everything works fine.
      But when i start task x and then try to start task y i get the following exception:

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: begin method invoked from a long-running conversation, try using @Begin(join=true) on method: start

      I did some reading and found out that each @StartTask starts a new long-running conversation and that there cant be 2 lrc at one time.

      So my question: Is it somehow possible to have multiple started tasks? If yes i guess i just have to end the lrc of task x before starting task y ?

      I saw that there is a @BeginTask which resumes a task. Is there also an annotation which pauses a task or do i have to do that by calling some methods?