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    Going Final

    neilac333 Novice

      I am developing an application using Seam and JSF, and I have sought an alternative to SeamTest for my integration tests, which has its limitations. JSFUnit seems to fit the bill, but I see that the beta version came out almost 6 months ago. My question is simply if progress is being made on going final. Is there a lot of activity on the project? Or is this simply a Google situation where everything is just perpetually in beta?


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          Stan Silvert Master

          There is lots of ongoing progress on this project. You can see the regular commit activity here:

          However, I haven't gotten around to doing a release. Shame on me. But I've heard from you and others loud and clear that we need a release to showcase our progress.

          Since the first beta, we've fixed lots of bugs and improved usability of the API. I've got Seam conversation support and <s:link> support working, but it's not ready for prime time.

          So I will definitely do a release in the next two weeks. I've been mulling over whether to call it beta 2 or just call it 1.0 final. Since a couple of major features like Seam support aren't ready yet I'm leaning toward beta 2.

          Thoughts anyone?


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            Alexander Jesse Newbie

            right now I'd propose beta (or in eclipse-talk) milestone (sounds more important ;) )
            Maybe it would good to check with users what they consider necessary issues before going 1.0

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              neilac333 Novice

              I have only just started looking at the project, and I am inclined to agree--for what it's worth given my inexperience. After all, Seam integration is a big deal (maybe the biggest), and I think you need to stay in beta until it happens.

              Of course, I think going final should be a priority though, which means getting Seam integration finished ASAP. Easy for me to say I know. But I think that is a major step towards demonstrating real progress and entering the pantheon of JBoss offerings.


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                Tim Evers Master

                I have been using jsfunit now for a number of months. I have been quite happy with the level of testing I have been able to achieve even with the beta releases. I've been updating my source once every month or so. (unless a specific fix I need comes out) And now my project is taking jsfunit quite seriously. I have integrated it into our continuous build and it has never let me down. When jsfunit fails I am always able to see that someone checked in code that broke the GUI.

                I also think that the seam integration is probably the most important feature that I believe is required before a final version 1.0.

                But, I am very thankful for the hard work Stan and the team are putting in. The support is fantastic and I've never been let down.

                Keep it up!

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                  neilac333 Novice

                  Since the software has changed a lot since that Beta 1 release in November, where can I download the latest build? I have been having trouble locating everything.


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                    Stan Silvert Master

                    Unitl I finish the beta build next week, you will need to get the source from SVN and build it yourself with Maven.



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                      neilac333 Novice

                      So how is that beta coming along?

                      Incidentally, it is nice to bee on the other side of that question for once.


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                        Stan Silvert Master

                        Just uploaded to the JBoss Maven repo.

                        Go ahead and try it if you like. The release didn't go as smoothly as I'd like because of some problems with the Maven release plugin. So I'm going to do some testing and then update the web site. You should see an announcement later today or tomorrow.