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    Unknown context variable name: entityManager

    Michail Galvidis Newbie


      I spent the whole day and still failed to get rid of the warning Unknown context variable name: entityManager.

      There is a similar issue in JIRA (JBIDE-1409). Its text is reproduced below:

      when em injection is used as in:
      @In private EntityManager entityManager;
      then validator fails with
      Unknown context variable name: entityManager
      although works fine with seam2

      The JIRA was created for Seam 2.0.0 and Eclipse Now it  is marked to be fixed in 2.1.0.beta1.

      However, I still face this problem though using Seam 2.1.0.GA with JBoss Tools 2.1.2.GA and Eclipse 3.3.2.

      Maybe I am missing something? Or should I try to create new JIRA?

      Since I am a newbie in seam and this forum particularly a good advice would be very helpful for me :)