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    Concurrency issues with SFSB

    Alessandro Behling Newbie


      Being new to seam, I might be re-posting a already existant issue, so if this is the case, please forgive me and if you would be kind enough to point me to the right directions, I would really appreciate.

      I have an issue related to concurrency on SFSB, the bean is part of a conversation. I can reproduce it quite easily double clicking a button for instance. The call happens in a AJAXy way, places on the app where I do normal submits (entire page reloads) I seem to be fine.

      I understand the fact that a SFSB should not have multiple requests at a given time. Do I need to do anything to protect those requests hiting the bean simultaneously? i.e. making the methods synchronized? or is there within SEAM that will do that for me in a 'out of the box' manner?

      Does anyone out there have any light to throw at this, what I could be doing wrong?