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    Seam on GlassFish TV

    Dan Allen Master

      Seam is headlining GlassFish TV today! I will be giving two online presentations on Seam and then joining an online panel discussion with several JCP members to discuss Web Beans and other related Java EE 6 specifications. For anyone who has ever wanted to get Seam running on GlassFish no holds barred, this is where you want to be today.


      Here are the details:

      Seam, WebBeans and GlassFish

      An online webinar.

      General Information

      Speaker Dan Allen, Red Hat, Inc.

      Additional Presenters (So far) Ken Saks (EJB 3.1), Roger Kitain (JSF 2.0)


      A description of the Seam framework and its use on GlassFish. We will also discuss how the JavaEE 6 JCP specifications are complementing this effort.


      Date Thursday, November 20th, 2008

      San Francisco: 11:00am - 12:30 pm. Also check Time-Zone Conversion

      Mexico, DC: 1:00pm; Boston: 2:00pm; Santiago de Chile: 4:00pm; Sao Paulo: 5:00pm

      London: 7:00pm; Madrid: 8:00pm; Moscow: 10:00pm

      next day - New Delhi: 12:30am; Tokyo: 4:00am; Sydney: 6:00am;


      http://ustream.tv/channel/theaquarium (more info)

      Conference call (optional)

      Toll Free: (866) 545-5227

      Int'l Access: (215) 446-3648 (caller paid)

      Access Code: 3535518

      Schedule (Approximate Times)

      11:00 am      Dan Allen      Overview of Seam Framework

      tbd      Dan Allen      Possible Demo

      12:00 pm      Dan, Ken, Roger      Related Java EE 6 Specifications

      12:30 pm      Eduard/o      Close

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          Dan Allen Master

          I was going to mention before that you never quite know what is going to happen with live TV. About half-way through the first presentation the smoke alarm in my house went off...but then oddly stopped after two cycles. I am beginning to believe that there really are demo gods and they like to have fun at our expense. Besides that brief interruption, things went remarkably smoothly for my first webcast. You can catch the replays online and download the slides. Eventually I will get the slides up on seamframework.org.

          Because the presentations went a bit long, the panel discussion got bumped. But you can be sure that it will happen soon since Java EE 6 is such a hot topic.