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    Renderer gets confused when sending mail fails

    Alexander Sparkowsky Newbie


      I'm using seam 2.1.0.SP1. In my current project I'm facing a problem I've never seen before when sending mail with seam.

      When sending of mail throws an exception (i.e. mail server not found) the renderer or some other component seems to get completely confused. I don't get forwarded to the view I want to be forwarded. Instead I only get an empty page (empty means only the template is rendered) and the context part of all <s:link> changes to project. So /myseamapp/foo/bar gets /project/foo/bar.

      I'm using standard code to render my mail:

      try {
        log.info("E-Mail sent");
       } catch (Exception e) {
         facesMessages.add("Email sending failed: " + e.getMessage());

      I've just started to dig into this problem so I've no isolated example yet.