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    Problems witch test JSF page

    Clayton Oliveira Newbie

      I have been having problems to make human interaction tests using JSF because of the objects ID which JSF generate dynamicalally. Reading some forums, I realized that to solve this problem I should declare my IDs explicitaly. This way JSF wouldn't create the IDs dynamicalally. However, the Portal which we are using generate dynamicalally any ID to the Portlet at the moment it is intanced and, for each level, the object ID is the parent ID plus the object ID. The problem is: I don't get to control the IDs generation to the Portlet, so I have always had diferent IDs.
      Do you know any way to solve this problem?

      Thanks a lot!

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          Alexander Jesse Newbie

          Does the portlet-id-prefix change with every call?

          On the other hand some of the functions also work with the "ID" as opposed to "ClientID". "ID" is what you code in the view-definition, basically the last part of the "ClientID". The "ClientID" is the concatenation of single IDs that make up the unique ID...

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            Stan Silvert Master

            JSFUnit doesn't support JSF portlets yet. Part of the reason is the problem with client ID's that you have identified. There are a few other things that also must be taken into account. While all this is doable, I don't see portlet support happening until the end of the year unless someone in the community would like to take it on and help us out.