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    Id attribute not rendered inside c:forEach and s:decorate

    Gaël Beaudoin Newbie

      Hi !

      I'm using a s:label within a s:decorate. The s:label has a correct 'for' attribute, but the input tag only has its name attribute, the id is not rendered for the selectOneMenu. I've seen a similar problem with myFaces and c:forEach, but I don't know with sun jsf RI.

      <c:forEach items="#{preferenceValues}" var="v">          
           <s:decorate template="/layout/boxedit.xhtml">
                <ui:define name="label">#{messages[v.preferenceProperty.description]}</ui:define>
                <h:selectOneMenu value="#{v.value}">
                   <s:selectItems value="#{editorSelectOne.getAllValues(v.preferenceProperty).keySet()}"
                                                 ? '.. / ..'
                                                 : null}"/>

      The id is correctly generated and found by s:label, but not rendered.

      <div id="j_id129:j_id145"><label for="j_id129:j_id145:j_id152" class="boxlabel ">
      Trier par</label>
              <span class="value "><select name="j_id129:j_id145:j_id152" size="1">     <option value="RELEVANCE" selected="selected">Pertinence</option>
           <option value="AUTHOR_AZ">Auteur A - Z</option>
           <option value="AUTHOR_ZA">Auteur Z - A</option>

      Do any of you had similar problem ? Any idea ?
      Thank you !