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    My hopes and dreams . . . in EL

    Darrin Tisdale Newbie

      I want to enforce model rules using EL, so I might have something like

      @CONSTRAINT("#{doorSet.count == 4}")
      public void getDoorSet(){


      In this way, the rule itself is not some super secret validator someplace.  It's a straight evaluation.

      Second, I would like to dynamically create an EL statement, in a string buffer.  Is there a way I can evaluate this object against this constraint?  I looked at using the EL tools that Seam now uses, but I don't see anything like an eval statement. I was hoping to get something like:

      boolean result = ELFactory,getInstance().evaluateEL(elStatement, MyClass.Home.getInstance() );

      Thoughts?  Can I do anything like this now, or am I SOW?