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    Polymorphism and SEAM

    Bob Corcoran Newbie


      I have an abstract class that is subclassed by a few stateless EJB classes. From my backing bean, I would like to call a method on one of the subclasses based on the state of a particular field. I'm not sure the best way to accomplish this in SEAM. So far, I have...

      AbstactContentMessages contentMessages;

      I would call a method on a subclass of the AbstactContentMessages class, but I don't know which subclass until runtime (that is, until the form is submitted).

      Would I need to inject all possible subclasses of AbstactContentMessages that I might use?

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          Tobias Hill Newbie

          Maybe there is some clever way of doing this with the @In feature that I am not aware of. Until someone enlightens you and me I think you should be fine with:

          AbstactContentMessages contentMessages = 
            (AbstactContentMessages) Component.getInstance("nameOfSubComp");

          I hope it helps.


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            Guillaume Jeudy Master

            If you use

            AbstractContentMessages contentMessages;

            Combined with (can be in a different POJO or EJB class)

            public AbstractContentMessages create() {
               // return different subclasses here.

            Would that work? I've been using @Factory extensively to enable the use of a polymorphic EL expression. You can also try out the more obscure @Unwrap annotation, even though I never used it myself. The main difference between the 2 is @Unwrap is called everytime it is referenced. @Factory is only called if the corresponding EL expression can't be resolved in any contexts.