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    11!8n of exceptions

    Laurent Morissette Newbie

      Hey seamers :)
      I have a quite simple question:
      Suppose I have the following code in my domain model:

               *Check if given date is with a certain range
               * @param date The date
               * @return is it valid
              private boolean isSubProjectStartDateValid(Date date){
                      long after=project.getStartdate().getTime();
                      long before=project.getEnddate().getTime();
                      long lValue=date.getTime();
                       if(lValue<after) return false;
                       if(lValue>before) return false;
                       if((lValue>=after) &&(lValue<=before))return true;
                   return false;
              public Date getStartDate() {
                      return startDate;
              public void setStartDate(Date startDate)throws Exception {
                              throw new Exception(" the date is invalid...);
                      this.startDate = startDate;

      For now I want to internationalize the  exception message itself.
      Note that the exception is correctly displayed on UI

      I do not want to pollute my domain model with UI concerns as


      would do

      If you ever  have any clues, they'd be welcome :P
      Thanx in advance!