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    Ending a conversation before redirect

    Juan Medín Newbie


      I've an use case where I need to create a conversation that must end before the redirect phase (so, you could call it a 'short conversation'). The problem is that I found no way to do this.

      The use case ? Imagine a simple CRUD page where the user inserts an entity into the database and the page must be reloaded blank so that he can proceed to insert the next one. If you use the default temporary conversation, it will survive the page redirect (to the same page, rendering the same data). If you use a end-conversation with before-redirect as true it will end the conversation but only if it's a long running conversation. Moreover, you need to declare where the conversation will end. If you have an upper menu with lots of options it isn't just right add an 'end-conversation' to each of them. It's the conversation itself that it's a 'short conversation' that must end before the render phase.

      So, this problem got me stuck. Of course I realize there are more ways to approach this, but the conversation seems to be the most clear and conceptually correct.

      Any comment here would be really welcome.

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