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    Seam swallow exceptions, thrown in @Create beans method

    ArijkA ArijkA Newbie

      I've got some problem, connected with exception handling.
      I've got simple bean (@Scope(PAGE)), that has got @Create method, where RuntimeException could be thrown.
      If exception occurs, seam swallow it and don't write any stack trace in log file.

      After seam code investigation i found, that it happened when org.jboss.seam.Component tries to call @Create method in .callComponentMethod()
      Reflections.invokeAndWrap(interfaceMethod, instance);   (Component.java 2089 )

      at least in
      RollbackInterceptor.aroundInvoke() // where my @Create method executes and throw exception it swallows in (RollbackInterceptor.java 41)

      So I can't see this exception in log file, or create any navigation rule in pages.xml
      What can I do in this situation?