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    Error Deploying Seam wiki example: HTTP 404: The requested resource docDisplay_d.seam is not available

    Chris Novak Newbie

      I followed the examples/wiki readme.txt, but when I deploy the wiki example, the only thing I get when I browse to http://localhost:8080/wiki/ I get an error screen in my browser that says:

      HTTP Status 404 - /wiki/docDisplay\_d.seam
      description The requested resource (/wiki/docDisplay\_d.seam) is not available.

      The only thing I find interesting in the logs is:

      WARNING: /themes/openremote/template.xhtml not found at jndi:/localhost/wiki/themes/openremote/template.xhtml

      I also ran and manually checked that the ant upgradehibernate command ran successful.

      Any ideas on what I am missing?