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    Conversation within a tab panel

    Joseph Wroblewski Newbie

      I want to construct a Seam Conversation within a tab on a tabPanel.

      Once a tab is selected, the user will move through a series of screens within that same tab (e.g. on an Admin screen, there will be multiple tabs including a 'Users' tab where users can be added, deleted and edited all in that same tab). 

      The series of screens within the tab needs to be a conversation backed by a stateful session bean.  Page navigation, page parameters and page actions should all still work normally. To continue to be able to leverage all this page functionality is seam, a template seemed the way to go.

      I tried to do this by creating a template that defined the tabPanel and its associated tabs within the template.  I could do a ui:insert of the active tab, but couldn't figure out a good way to insert into the non-active tabs.  The non-active tabs need a page inserted because that's what will come up when a non-active tab is clicked.

      Is tabPanel intended to be used in this manner?  If so, does could anyone point me to an example.