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    Problem with page parameters

    Max Meyers Newbie

      When a user registers on my site, he gets an email and has to open the link in the email to get unlocked. So my problem is that if the link is opened in a mail program its working correctly, but if the user opens the email in an webmail it throws me an exception that the page parameter is not readable. Maybe this is the cause of the redirection of the webmails.

      This page uses also a page parameter (activationCode) to unlock a registered user. How did you make this working correctly with webmails?

      My url is something like that: localhost:8080/MYApp/register_complete.seam?id=1

      If I copy the url from my webmail and paste it into the webbrowser it works also correctly, so I think the problem is the redirection of the webmail, so that seam can't read the parameter.

      It would be nice if someone can explain me why this happens and may give me a solution.


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          John Ament Master

          can't really help you with fixing other webmail systems, but you'll probably want to verify that the url, after redirect, is in fact the correct url.  other than that, the best thing I could think of is safely handling the exception and make sure the email notes about copying and pasting the url.

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            Max Meyers Newbie

            Thank you for your reply!

            I was able to examine the error: The problem was, that instantiated the List class to early. So I got no results for this id. Now it works correctly. What I don't know at all is, why it worked correctly when I copied and pasted the url. But now I am happy that it's working.