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    Seam memory leaks in JBoss

    Gregory Nikle Apprentice

      I use seam 1.2.1 GA, JBoss 4.0.5, RichFaces, EJB 3.0, Java SUN 1.5.0jvm

      My app works in production environment. After jboss start, app work about 20-30hours and after that, I get perm gen space and server need to be restarted.

      Applications is little big, over 50 SFSB, mostly 95% beans, uses SESSION scope. I dont use conversation scope.
      My profiler don't show any wrongs, where could be memory any leak made by me.
      Today I spent few hours to find somethink in google about it, but I could't fin anythink about that, or how to fix it. Did u have same problem with seam? Have U got any ideas what to check, how to check, what could be wrong or anythink?
      For profiling I use JProfiler and JMeter to hit requests.

      Session live is set in web.xml to 30minutes for each user.