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    URL Rewriting Not Occurring

    Dave Everson Newbie
      We have just updated Seam to 2.1.1CR1
      We started to use the rewrite functionality within pages.xml.

      We have the following pages defined:

                     <page view-id="/pages/account/check.xhtml">
                          <rewrite pattern="/newFamilyAccount" />
                          <begin-conversation join="true"/>
                          <action execute="#{registerFamily.startEdit}"/>
                          <navigation from-action="#{registerFamily.doAccountCheck}">
                               <rule if-outcome="exists">
                                    <redirect view-id="/pages/account/existing.xhtml"/>
                               <rule if-outcome="new">
                                    <redirect view-id="/pages/account/new.xhtml"/>
                     <page view-id="/pages/account/existing.xhtml">
                          <rewrite pattern="/existingAccounts" />
                          <begin-conversation join="true"/>          

      We are able to access /newFamilyAccount without issue and a conversation is started

      After entering data that already exists in the database, we should be taken to the /existingAccounts (/pages/account/existing.xhtml) view.  We are taken to the view, however the URL shows: https://localhost/a/pages/account/existing.seam?cid=9.

      We have tried several things and can't see to ever have the rewritten URL appear.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what we are doing incorrectly.  Thanks.