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    TaskInstance & ProcessInstance is null in Handler through ExecutionContext?

    kian ping low Newbie

      Hi all, i am trying out SEAM and JBPM. I have 2 problems that i encountered which i hope some kind souls and experts can help

      1. What i want is to use a node to do some backend processing using a handler to get the taskInstance and processInstance from the Execution Context after i create a process.

      But in the handler it keeps throwing null exception.

      In seam, how am i support to get the taskInstance if i want to do some processing?

      <start-state name="start">
                      <transition to="reminder">
      <node name="reminder">
                      <transition to="end" name="to-end"></transition>

      2. How do i bound variables to the processInstance created after the entity is created? How do i intercept it? As very least to set the index key of the entity to the processInstance?

      <navigation from-action="#{fineHome.persist}">
               <create-process definition="finecase"/>
               <redirect view-id="/fine.xhtml"/>

      Hope to hear from some1 soon. Thanks!