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    How to submit s:button

    an do Newbie

      I have a prolem when submit s:button by method client.submit("id").I don't know which method use to submit s:button.

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          an do Newbie

          this is error message :

          submit(componentID) is only valid on components of type javax.faces.component.html.HtmlCommandButton. 'report' is of type org.jboss.seam.ui.component.html.HtmlButton.

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            Stan Silvert Master

            JSFUnit doesn't support s:button yet, but it will very soon. If all goes well I'll put out a snapshot or beta release in 1-2 weeks. The difference is that we will use HtmlUnit instead of HttpUnit for backing the JSFClientSession. With that change, we will be able to support almost any component out there.