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    I need to use richfaces css

    Moissane Hernández Newbie
      Hi everybody I have tried to use some css classes in my proyect to display a table like the repeat example from RichFacesLiveDemo and there is no way to do that! Here I post the code...
      I have a html tag in my page xhtml (not ui:composition), I require this.

      <table border="1" class="dr-table rich-table">
                  <thead class="dr-table-thead">
                      <tr class="dr-table-header rich-table-header">
                          <th class="dr-table-headercell rich-table-headercell"><h:outputText value="Product Code" /></th>
                          <th class="dr-table-headercell rich-table-headercell"><h:outputText value="Proposed Price" /></th>
                          <th class="dr-table-headercell rich-table-headercell"><h:outputText value="Sales Cost" /></th>
                          <th class="dr-table-headercell rich-table-headercell" style="width: 150px"><h:outputText value="Reason" /></th>
                          <th class="dr-table-headercell rich-table-headercell"><h:outputText value="Proposed Gross Margin" /></th>

      Where is "dr-table rich-table" and so on?? It is in skin.xcss
      location richfaces-ui-3.2.2.GA.jar package org.richfaces, but
      How can use it? Please help me...
      Thanks in advance
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          Tim Evers Master

          Why can't you just use the richfaces components?

          Just because you are not inside a ui:composition doesn't mean that you can't use richfaces components.

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            Jaime Martin Apprentice

            the best thing is to override richfaces css styles by defining things you would like to change in your project css.
            For instance, if you add in your project css this entry:

            .rich-menu-item-folder {

            when you use a rich component that has that css style, the style to be applied would be that you have defined and not default richfaces css style.
            In the reference are all the css styles of each component, so you just have to redefine what you need in your project css.
            Hope it helps.