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    Inherit and lifecycle problems

    Francisco Philip Newbie


      Somebody  knows why I have this problem?

      public class A {
          private Session hibernateSession;

          public void initComponent() {
              System.out.println(this.hashCode() + "<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<hibernateSession:" + hibernateSession);

      @Scope(value = ScopeType.CONVERSATION)
      public class B extends A {

      when invoke "B" have this console output
      01:30:32,328 INFO  [STDOUT] 2618485>>>>>>>>>>>>>hibernateSession:org.jboss.seam.persistence.HibernateSessionProxy@1222e6e
      01:30:32,406 INFO  [STDOUT] 23126669>>>>>>>>>>>>>hibernateSession:org.jboss.seam.persistence.HibernateSessionProxy@1b9beab

      If I move to class B, the output is only one.

      Any idea? because have a very big problems when extends class B to create a @Stateful, a third null value case appear..