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    Conversations and Pageflow

    Farid Shahy Newbie

      Hi Guys

      I have defined a simple pageflow named checknumber
      and I have a conversation with a method named start like this:

      @Begin(nested=true, pageflow = "checknumber") 
      public void start()

      inside a form in home.xhtml I have this link:

      <h:commandLink action="#{numberConversation.start}" value="Start"/>

      therefore I expect when I click this link a conversation is started
      and the first page of my pageflow is displayed. I have read the dvdstore
      example and seems nothing is missing, but I get a null pointer exception.
      after Start... id displayed in console.I put the page flow file in root
      and resources folder but it does not help.

      any idea?

      Farid Shahy