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    Seam Test and MyEclipse

    Bob Corcoran Newbie


      I'm trying to run some Seam tests from MyEclipse. I got the TestNG plug-in and added all the requisite jars (I think), but when I run the tests, the folowing error occurs:

      java.lang.LinkageError: JAXB 2.0 API is being loaded from the bootstrap classloader, but this RI (from jar:file:/C:/jboss-seam-2.0.2.SP1/lib/test/thirdparty-all.jar!/com/sun/xml/bind/v2/model/impl/ModelBuilder.class) needs 2.1 API. Use the endorsed directory mechanism to place jaxb-api.jar in the bootstrap classloader.
      (See java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/standards/)

      I've tried what the error suggests, but to no avail. We have our project up and running in MyEclipse and everything from that perspective is working fine. It's just that I can't get the tests to run (using the Eclipse run dialog).

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          Sandy sandy Newbie

          Hi ,
               I am also facing the same problem.I am big fan of My Eclipse.But I just want to use Seam with it.Can you any body provide me tutorial how to integrate both of them.Can it possible to work simultaneously.Please help me out from this problem.It's very critical for me.

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