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    Broken web.xml

    Jane Zhen Newbie

      After adding to web.xml the JSFUnitFilter (as Getting Started describes), my web application can't find the first page.
      I have a question, my web application uses Tomcat in a proxy mode, ie. in server.xml, I specified a proxyPort="80". Does this matter when filter works?

      thanks for any answers


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          Stan Silvert Master

          You mean that you can't hit your application from the browser? If that is the case then you probably mapped the JSFUnitFilter incorrectly. The JSFUnitFilter should only be activated when you start a JSFUnit test, but not when you are sending requests to your application. Double check the filter mapping in web.xml and make sure it looks like this:


          I don't know if anyone has tried JSFUnit with mod_proxy before. I can't think of why it wouldn't work as long as your settings for proxyName and proxyPort point to a proxy that sends you back to Tomcat.