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    Asynchronous Observation

    Joseph Nusairat Newbie

      So i am going to mark this as a this maybe obvious but i am posting it anyways.

      ... so in our application i am using Seam and Spring Batch Processing.

      And basically after you go through a jbpm page flow, on the last page there was a run button. To actually kick off the spring batch processing. Now ... i use spring batch but all the workers on Seam SLSB Components.

      So i was using the @Asynchronous tag on a Seam POJO. Everything worked EXCEPT my web services. I was getting class linkage errors when trying to instantiate them, etc. A MESS.

      After far tooo long of trying to fix it an epiphany came over me to day.

      The class that has the @Asynchrnous tag. I changed it from a POJO to a SLSB with Bean Managed tranactions .. now .. everything works.

      ... soo just for ya'll, and i suppose it makes sense. The classpath for a POJO and an EJB would be different, although i don't totally understand why it did it.