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    Perform validation, call modal, then submit

    Chris Simons Expert


      I'm trying to implement something of a confirmation dialogue.

      I have a rich:modalPanel (this isn't really a RichFaces question, though) that will be opened once the user clicks an h:commandLink to Confirm.  The modalPanel contains the actual Submit button.

      The problem I'm having is that I still want the form validation to process and I want it to happen before the modal is allowed to be opened.

      In this case, if I use h:commandLink with an onclick="<open modal panel>", the form validates in the background but the modal still opens.  I'd prefer the modal to only open if the proceeding form has zero errors and validates.  I think if I were to get this to work, my implementation would work.

      What do you all suggest?  I've tried h:commandLink and setting oncomplete="<open modal>" but that validates the form, reloads the page, and the modal never opens.

      Should I have to set an action on the h:commandLink to a blank method, and then open the modal?

      Thanks.  Below is some code to give some context to what I'm doing.

      The confirmation button:

      <h:commandLink id="cmdConfirmEvent" styleClass="primary-button" value="#{messages['form.button.submit']}"

      The confirmation modal (a facelet):

      <ui:decorate template="/util/modals/defaultConfirmationModal.xhtml">
              <ui:define name="objectContent">
              <h:panelGrid columns="1">
                      <h:outputText value="#{cvEvent.eventName}"/>
              <ui:define name="buttonContent">
              <ui:decorate template="/layout/primary-button-wrapper.xhtml">
                              <ui:define name="buttonContent">
                                              <h:commandLink id="cmdSubmitEvent" styleClass="primary-button" value="#{messages['form.button.submit']}" action="#{eventManager.submitNewEvent}" />