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    JBPM Timer + Seam 2.1.0 not accessing instance variables

    Petr Nejedly Newbie


      we have a multi-module (many wars) application using Seam + JBPM. JbpmConfiguration is in its separate sar file exposing the config in JNDI and all the modules' components.xml point their jbpm components to it. We managed to make most of the things work, but now we're facing a problem of Timer-created task not being able to access instance variables. Jpdl is following:

      <state name="Wait for expected delivery date">
                <timer name="Expected Delivery Date missed" duedate="#{expectedDeliveryDate}" transition="late delivery">               
                <transition to="Call Supplier" name="late delivery"></transition>
      <task-node name="Call Supplier">
           <task name="Call Supplier" priority="high">
                          Call Supplier #{supplierName} re: C.O. #{contentOrderId}, Title #{titleId}, #{titleName}
                <assignment pooled-actors="Traffic"></assignment>

      Basically the timer (after it expires) creates a Task which in its description uses EL to access the variables. After some debugging I found out the SeamELResolver cannot process this EL since applicationContext is not active.

      Is there a way how to configure timers to run inside the Seam's application Context? Or skip Seam's EL resolver altogether for certain cases?