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    EJB3 Entities in a different jar file

    Osian Hughes Newbie

      Java 1.6
      SEAM 2.1.0.SP1
      Hibernate 3.2.6.GA


      I created a quick application using seam-gen over a couple of tables in a database and managed to get it working.

      Now, I have reverse-engineered, using hibernate, my whole database which consists of 4 different schemas, and have placed this into a seperate jar file.  I am now writting the first search screen for this new setup, but it keeps on complaining that:


      17:47:10,022 WARN  [QuerySplitter] no persistent classes found for query class: SELECT netElement FROM my.package.structure.NetElement

      whenever I try to execute a query.

      Is it not possible to have the entity ejb3 objects in a different jar file to the rest of the ejb's (i.e. the action ones)?  Or are there any key files which need to be inside the entity level ejb3 jar?

      I'm sorry if this is confusing, but I can post more information if required,

      Thanks in advance,